Fitting Filters Onto Compact Cameras

We offer two types of Auto-Magic filters for compact cameras - internal and external mounting.
We make 3mm acrylic external mouting Auto-Magic filters, which are available as threaded screw on filters, push on filters, slot and flip filters. The first two are most relevant to compact user and can be taken on and off during the dive. Because there are so many different underwater housings on the market these days, we cannot support all types of housing with the external filters, there is more information here on what is available.
We also make optical quality polyester gel Auto-Magic filters (the same material as our original Magic and GreenWater Magic filters), which can be cut easily with scissors and fitted to your lens or inside the port of your housing. Fitting these is described below.

There are several options for attaching the filter to your camera, which depends on your camera and your housing. The first time you cut your filter it can be a bit fiddly, but you will soon get used to it. Take care not to get fingerprints on the filters when cutting them.

The easiest cameras are those with internal lenses. Internal lenses make mounting the filter very simple because you can just cut a small square from the filter, slightly larger than the lens on your camera and stick it in place with a small piece of sticky tape.

For most other cameras the easiest way to attach a filter is to stick it onto the front of the lens surround. Cut a piece of filter that is slightly larger than the lens and then while holding it in place, trim the corners with a pair of scissors. Then simply secure it in place with some small strips of tape (it helps to cut these strips before you cut the filter). The best tape for this is Magic Tape. Be sure to push the tape flat against the barrel of the lens so that it can still retract into the camera (if it is a retractable lens). You can see a video of how to do this here and there are pictures below:


On dives when you do not want to use the filter, you can peel the filter off the lens and store it easily by sticking it onto the body of the camera.

The alternative way to mount the filter is to cut it so it is slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the port of the housing. We supply a stencil with the filter, which makes it very easy to cut them to size. Simply fold the stencil over the filter and while holding securely, cut round the correct size for your housing. You may want to practice with just cutting one of the stencils provided without the filter first, to make sure you have the correct size. Curved nail scissors are useful for cutting circular filters.

Then just drop the filter into the housing. As it is slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the port is should be easy to add and remove. The lens should hold it in place, but if you want to secure it more firmly (especially if your camera’s lens retracts when it goes to sleep) it can be held in place with a small piece of blu-tack/sticky-tack at the top and bottom.


You can download a stencil for compact cameras here.