Shooting Magic - a guide to filter photography underwater

We are proud to introduce Shooting Magic, a DVD guide designed to help you get stunning underwater filter images with either SLR or Compact digital cameras. Price is just £15 (approx $23, €18).
All Magic Filters come with detailed instructions on how to use them. This film takes you further and gives you an 1:1 demonstration of the techniques with Alex Mustard and shows you the results you can expect from typical dives.

Join underwater photographer and inventor of the Magic Filter, Alex Mustard, in the Red Sea as he personally guides you through the techniques of filter photography underwater, with both digital SLR and compact cameras.

This innovative DVD takes you underwater with Alex letting you watch him photograph both reefs and wrecks, while he describes and demonstrates the techniques he is using and the considerations, both technical and artistic that go into producing stunning available light photographs. The DVD covers white balancing, subject selection, approach, exposure, composition, why you need a filter, and much more.

An important feature of this DVD is that after each of the six featured dives, Alex gives you a one to one review of the shots and discusses in detail why some have worked and others have not. You will see all the shots, unadjusted straight from the camera and hear Alex's comments.These live discussions contain
suggestions for post processing, when required, and are filled with general tips and tricks for all techniques in underwater photography.

This chaptered DVD contains 90 minutes of content and is packed with extra features such as a demonstration of the benefits of filters,  fitting filters to both compacts and DSLRs, FAQs and Alex discussing some of his favourite filter images. The format is ideal as a refresher before a trip, or to travel with you as a lightweight reference source in your laptop or to watch on the TV onboard a liveboard or at a resort.

Total running time: 90 mins. Available in PAL and NTSC formats (most laptops will play both).

Written and presented by Alexander Mustard
Filmed by Peter Rowlands
Colours optimised for TV playback.
DVD. All Regions. PAL and NTSC formats available.

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Product Code Regions/Format
Running Time
Price Buy
SM-PAL All regions. PAL Format
90 Minues
SM-NTSC All regions. NTSC Format 90 Minutes

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